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We're an organization dedicated to providing families with food, clothing, shoes and more on a seasonal, weekly and year-round basis. We reach out to families facing financial hardship and help them in a discreet manner.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the community together and help local families. Ahavas Tzedakah is translated as "A Love for Charity." This means it's our passion to help others and keep giving.

We believe that a new suit, a pair of shoes or even toys are as important as food and groceries are to a family's healthy functioning and dignity.

Driven by the vision and dedication of Dr. and Mrs. Shanik for over 30 years, Ahavas Tzedaka has grown into a large-scale community fund, essentially representing "Lakewood helping Lakewood."

We identify families facing financial hardship due to challenging circumstances such as loss of employment, illness or family crisis, and provide them with basic needs in a discreet and dignified manner.

We need your help to help families.

Our History

Ahavas Tzedakah was founded on the basis of the love and dedication Dr. Robert and Mrs. Rachel Shanik have for the Lakewood community As a busy pediatrician, Dr. Shanik was tirelessly caring for the medical needs of the children of Lakewood, when, together with his wife, they realized that families were in need of more than just medical care. Many families were in need of monetary assistance for clothing, food, shoes and more. In 1981, the Shaniks founded Ahavas Tzedakah, a fund dedicated to easing the burden of struggling families in the Lakewood community. Initially, the organization maintained a low profile, providing assistance to some 35 needy families, mostly during the holiday seasons. However, as the community grew exponentially, the number of families requiring assistance increased considerably. Ahavas Tzedakah rose to the challenge - the Shaniks enlisted the help of more volunteers, and the organization metamorphosed from a small-scale effort to a sophisticated entity.


Today, we're helping over 730 families. In trying to reach every struggling family, our annual budget has grown to over $1.7 million. The numbers keep rising and we would love to keep on giving. With additional funds there is so much more that can be accomplished.

Even though the Shaniks continue to personally fund the organization, in the past few years it has grown beyond their monetary and administrative capabilities. This is why they need your help to maintain the mission of Ahavas Tzedakah.

Remember, Ahavas Tzedakah operates with virtually no overhead expenses, so every dollar you contribute to Ahavas Tzedakah goes directly to help needy families right here in Lakewood.

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