Stories from Stores:

Participating stores share emotional stories about helping families in need

“Seeing the smile on the faces of Ahavas Tzedakah cardholders when they can buy what they need for yom tov is truly heartwarming”

- A. B. Epstein Epstein’s Meat

"At His Place, we’re proud to be a part of Ahavas Tzedakah. We see firsthand how each and every customer is so grateful and thankful for making their family feel like they are just like everyone else."

- G. Tomor His Place

“The nicest thing as a store owner is to see people standing in line to pay and nobody else on line knows that she’s paying with an Ahavas Tzedakah Gift Card.”

- Mrs. F. Hershfeld Tafi

“The obligation to give Tzedakah to the poor of one’s own city has precedence - Ahavas Tzedakah is an ideal method of fulfilling this.”

- Rabbi PLONY

“The Gift Card system is an amazing thing. Even the cashiers have no idea that the person on line is an Ahavas Tzedakah beneficiary.”

- Mrs. T Customer Relations, NPGS

“Ahavas Tzedakah is run with exceptional transparency, attention to detail, and accountability. The Shaniks take their fiduciary responsibility very seriously.”

- Gershon Biegeleisen CPA